JFK Airport Lost Cat Port Authority
Credit: Port Authority PBA/ @PAPD911/Twitter

Seems someone let the cat out of the bag. Literally.

A four-year-old tabby cat named Pepper managed to escape her carrier on April 20 at John F. Kennedy Airport, darting through Terminal 4, NBC News reported. The owner was checking in for a flight to China when Pepper escaped, according to ABC News, and anfortunately, they had to catch their flight without their precious pet after trying to catch her themselves.

Ever since Pepper’s daring escape, Port Authority police have been attempting to retrieve the elusive feline with the help of her owner’s friend, Nuan Lang.

The search party had spotted Pepper periodically before she was caught. On April 27, the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association tweeted that the cat “appears healthy.”

The police set out humane traps in order to catch Pepper. She was finally found on Saturday, April 28, after more than a week. According to ABC News, she is being cared for by Lang until she can be reunited with her owner.

Pepper will definitely have a long “tail” to tell when she gets home.