The 134-year-old Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa just unveiled one of the most tech-forward wellness programs we've ever seen.

By Chelsea Bengier
May 13, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa

Sometimes, even Silicon Valley types need to unplug. And when they do, they make Casa Madrona their home base.

The 64-room hotel has been serving San Franciscans for more than a century. But after a multi-million-dollar renovation and the arrival of a futuristic new wellness program, the historic Sausalito mansion has become the go-to escape for the digerati.

Combining cutting-edge technology and a level of personalization that you’d only find at a world-class hotel, the wellness program offers solutions for everything from sleep and exercise to nutrition.

Credit: Courtesy of Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa

Recognizing the centrality of a good night’s sleep to overall health, the hotel has introduced Eight Sleep Smart Beds in nine new dedicated wellness guest rooms. The beds use custom biometrics, sleep coaching, and temperature regulation to determine how well you slept and improve your Zzz’s the next night — so you’ll never have to worry about jet lag again. Even if you’re a good sleeper, the beds can be programmed — via your iPhone, of course — to perform comforting functions like preheating your sheets and turning off the lights from the moment your head hits your pillow.

But that’s not the only virtual assistant available. Guests staying in the wellness rooms will also have access to Vi, an AI personal trainer (think Siri meets Richard Simmons). Vi lives in a pair of wireless headphones and measures your heart rate in real-time to create custom cardio routines based on your biometrics, performance, and goals. In addition, there are Muse 2 headbands that sensor brain activity, heart rate, breath, and body movements to guide you through an immersive meditation experience. They hook up through Bluetooth to connect to the Muse app on your in-room iPad.

With all these sleek gadgets, we wouldn’t blame you for staying in your suite the whole time. But when you’re ready to venture out, you’ll find a slew of other high-tech amenities throughout the hotel. In the wellness courtyard, there’s a 62-inch television featuring a selection of virtual on-demand workouts, not to mention the Peloton spin bikes in the state-of-the-art gym. Craving a group workout? A sprawling conference and event space can be turned into a fitness and yoga studio.

Health means more than just being physically fit — it’s also important to be mentally strong, too. Give your brain a break by blissing out in one of the three new treatment rooms at the serene 3,000-square-foot spa. Favorite therapies include the mindfulness massage and the marine layer body wrap that uses a seaweed serum with Japanese ume plum extract to revitalize the skin.

Credit: Courtesy of Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa

After the deep detox, it’s important to hydrate and refuel. Luckily, the on-staff chefs and nutritionists thought of that too and can arrange a personalized plant-based meal plan courtesy of Bay Area caterer, Urban Remedy. Or, feel free to raid the mini bar, which is stocked with organic protein bars as well as Moon Juice adaptogens and tinctures.