By Stacey Leasca
December 13, 2018

Carnival Cruise Line is known for being the most extra fleet in the sea, but its latest announcement may take the cake.

Christine Duffy, Carnival’s president, shared with USA Today, that the company will soon add the 5,200-passenger ship known as Carnival Mardi Gras to its fleet. It will be the first in a series of new vessels set to arrive by 2020. On board, passengers will be able to experience a number of exciting things, including the first roller coaster ever on a cruise ship.

"It will be a thrill ride," Duffy said, noting she rode the prototype of the attraction, which was assembled by its manufacturer, Munich-based Maurer Rides, herself. "We think it's a really cool innovation for Mardi Gras, which will have a lot of new guest features and experiences that we have not done before."

The coaster will go by the name BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster. It will consist of an 800-foot-long track and come with enough twists, turns and drops to satisfy all theme park lovers. At its top speeds, it will reach almost 40 miles per hour. Best of all, as an all-electric roller coasters it will be eco-friendly.

At its highest point, the coaster will hit 187 feet above sea level. This is a gift to the passengers, as Duffy noted, "We wanted to be able to give guests (the chance to have) that visual from the top of the ship."

"People always want more, whether it is (for their) vacations or anything else," Duffy added. "They're looking for something new, different and exciting."

Of course, the coaster won’t be the only reason to ride this ship. As USA Today noted, the vessel will be the sixth largest ship in the world at the time it debuts and by far the biggest in Carnival’s fleet. Stay tuned for more information and surprises from the ship to come.