By Talia Avakian
August 14, 2018
The Carlsberg cabin sits in the middle of a forest and is powered by the sun and nearby waterfalls.
Credit: Courtesy of Carlsberg

Beer fans looking for a pub experience they won’t find anywhere else can now book their own private pub tucked away in a forest, complete with a waterfall-powered beer pump.

Global brewing company Carlsberg has created the ultimate getaway for those looking to combine cold brews with forest views: the new Carlsberg Cabin pub.

Located in the Cornish countryside and nestled between willow groves, the pub is the world’s first fully off-grid and carbon-neutral bar, powered by solar energy and a nearby waterfall.

The Carlsberg cabin comes with open spaces to allow you to admire the forest it is surrounded by.
Credit: Courtesy of Carlsberg

The space was inspired by a love for nature and by the traditional Cornish engine houses, which were built of stone and pumped water from tin mines. But at the Carlsberg Cabin, it's beer that's pumped, to give you a chilled pint anytime you like.

Besides the beer pump, which is located in the communal area, the cabin also includes enough beds to sleep six, a communal kitchen, a deck area where you can admire the lush greenery, and a series of hammocks to enjoy a pint in.

Inside the Carlsberg cabin, you'll have your very own beer pump.
Credit: Courtesy of Carlsberg
The Carlsberg cabin can sleep up to six guests at a time.
Credit: Courtesy of Carlsberg

Streams flow beneath the cabin and trees grow through its deck, so you can immerse yourself in the nature that surrounds you.

The cabin is in Kudhva, a camping retreat where you'll find 180-degree views of the nearby coastline and a hidden waterfall-fed lake to take a dip in.

When guests book the space, they’ll get sole use of the cabin and shared use of the Kudhva campsite, and will have one of North Cornwall’s most spectacular beaches, Trebarwith Strand, just a mile away.

Bookings on Airbnb are currently only available through the end of October, so act fast.

To book:, from $466 per night