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The exterior of a historic hotel in Cerro Gordo, California.
Credit: Courtesy of Nolan Nitschke

If you've ever dreamed of owning an entire town (and a historic one, at that), you can now do it for less than the price of a single home in San Francisco.

California’s historic mining ghost town of Cerro Gordo, which has been privately owned for decades, is now on the market for an asking price of $925,000.

Founded in 1865, the preserved ghost town and mining operation invites its new owners to live in a remote paradise that still has preserved relics dating back more than 100 years.

A historic mining truck used to transfer silver from Cerro Gordo, California.
Credit: Courtesy of Nolan Nitschke

Spanning 314 acres across Owens Valley, the Civil War-era mining town is currently home to 22 structures that range from a historic hotel and saloon to a bunkhouse and chapel.

Thanks to its location in the Owens Valley, the private enclave also offers spectacular views over the valley and of the Sierra Mountains, where Mount Whitney sits.

Remnants of a steel church in Cerro Gordo California.
Credit: Courtesy of Nolan Nitschke

Founded in 1865, the town became the largest producer of silver and lead in California by 1869. Mule teams would transport silver from Cerro Gordo to Los Angeles, about 275 miles away. The town played an influential role in L.A.'s growth and economic development, according to the Cerro Gordo Historical Foundation.

The foundation has worked with supporters and private organizations over the years to preserve the town and its relics, which can still be found in buildings such as the hotel. Visitors will find a large oak and brass bar alongside an expansive seating area, and a museum filled with artifacts from the time period.

The bar in the hotel inside the ghost town of Cerro Gordo, California.
Credit: Courtesy of Nolan Nitschke
Artifacts inside the museum of the historic ghost town of Cerro Gordo, California.
Credit: Courtesy of Nolan Nitschke

You'll also find historic mining machinery and tracks dotted throughout the property, and according to local mining rights the person who buys the town will own anything discovered underground.

Though the Wild West town sits in a remote location, it is just four hours from Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and five hours from Reno should you get lonely or bored.