Coconut Milk and Palm Trees
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Nothing breeds ingenuity like a tight budget.

The people of Reddit recently convened to discuss the “silliest” thing they’ve ever done to avoid paying money while traveling. While the comments varied in terms of silliness, the forum is full of inventive tricks for any budget traveler. While your willingness to sacrifice comfort or service to save may vary, these are worth considering.

Those with an early morning flight can get to the airport the night before and spend the evening sleeping on a chair or bench to avoid paying for a hotel that will only be used for a couple hours.

One brilliant Redditor paid $10 to work out at a gym (and take a shower) instead of paying for a hotel while waiting for a connecting flight.

Others who are traveling for extended periods of time recommended washing laundry in the sink (no matter how ridiculous it may appear) rather than paying for a laundromat. And at the airport, budget travelers can wear multiple outfits at the same time to avoid paying oversize baggage fees.

Budget travelers have a pretty innate tendency to cut first from the food budget. The Redditors on the forum regaled stories of hunting for coconuts on Thai beaches instead of paying for food, making friends with locals and eating in their houses or surviving on a diet of rice and beans foraged exclusively from hostel kitchens.

Taxis are another service that can eat away at a budget. Travelers looking to save money (and who are able) should walk instead. While the advice may seem straightforward and not at all silly, some of the Reddit commenters took this budget trick to the extreme: walking more than 12 miles in a day to save £5.