Bubbletents Australia Lodging Sunset View
Credit: Mayumi Iwasaki

Not everybody was made for the great outdoors. Pesky bugs and the cold, hard ground do not mix with the glamour of a perfectly executed Instagram photo.

But Instagrammers seeking the gratification of “likes” may one day need to give in and spend a night in nature. Luckily, millennials have conceived the perfect mediation between nature and comfort: a translucent bubble.

Bubbletents Australia Lodging Capertee Valley
Credit: Saeed Sourati

At Bubbletent Australia, in Australia’s Capertee Valley, campers can indulge in glamping, without having to give up the fantastic views that come with a night spend en plein air.

Bubbletents Australia Lodging View
Credit: Cam Darcy

“You could say we're spoilt millennials that are just indulging in our ultimate fantasy,” Mayu Iwasaki, one of Bubbletent’s owners, told Mashable, “except that we want to share it with people.”

The clear bubbles are about 11 feet in diameter and come equipped with all the luxuries of home. Guests sleep on a queen bed with goose down pillows. There’s a telescope ready for stargazing, hot chocolate and champagne flutes for celebrating, and eye masks if the light of the moon becomes too bright to sleep.

Bubbletents Australia Lodging Sunrise View
Credit: Mayumi Iwasaki
Bubbletents Australia Lodging Telescope View
Credit: Mayumi Iwasaki

But just because you’re in the middle of wilderness doesn’t mean guests need to unplug. There’s a bluetooth speaker, USB chargers and an in-tent iPad, equipped with a stargazing app and Spotify playlists to fit the mood.

There’s even an attached bathroom bubble that’s shaded from fellow campers’ eyes, complete with toilet and sink, supplied by pump water.

Renting out one of the three translucent bubbles starts at $250 per night.