You had one job, hotel shower head.

A man, Mike McKee, who was staying at a hotel in Xi'an, China, was surprised to see his bathroom shower head, while appearing perfectly normal and functional, sprayed water upward toward the ceiling when it was turned on.

There was also a wand shower head that seemed to be working fine, the Daily Mail reported, but if McKee wanted a nice shower under a steady stream, he was probably a bit disappointed.

To make matters worse, the shower head sprayed water toward a light directly above it. However, thanks to gravity, the water at least eventually falls down. Just not exactly how you would expect.

“That's working as intended, right?” McKee jokingly asks in the video. Maybe, as long as he doesn’t stand directly under the possibly hazardous light fixture, he’ll be okay. Or, maybe it’s best to not risk it.

It looks like McKee will have to settle for the wand, or just ask for a different room.