By Stacey Leasca
August 06, 2018

Britney Spears is taking some well deserved time off from her tour this week and is using it to take her family sightseeing around Europe.

On Saturday, the star performed a show at Brighton Pride in front of 57,000 adoring fans. Prior to the concert, she attempted to visit a few of the most famous Brits by going on a sightseeing tour of Buckingham Palace with her two sons, Jayden and Sean. Sadly, the Queen didn’t stop by to say hello, but Britney didn’t seem to mind as she played the part of tourist, snapping photo upon photo with her kids outside the palace.

Following her visit to the U.K., Britney and her kids jetted off to Germany, where she’s playing a show in Berlin at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on Monday night. But, again, she took the time to see the sights with her family at the Lustgarten.

The Daily Mail noted that the singer went for an incognito look for her tourism activities with her kids, wearing a pair of black jogging shorts, a graphic t-shirt, and simple red sneakers. This reportedly helped her go completely unnoticed by others at the famous gardens.

And really, there was probably no better place for Britney to relax for the day.

According to Berlin’s official site, the garden was first built and used in the 16th century as a fruit and vegetable garden for a nearby palace. In the 17th century, Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm had the space converted into a royal garden by landscape garden designers Michael Hanf and Johann Sigismund Elsholtz. “This involved ornate landscaping including flower beds, an orangerie and a herb garden,” the site explains. “Statues, grottoes, bird cages, and fountains added charm and elegance to the public promenade.”

The gardens were destroyed during World War II after the Nazis mowed it down to be used as a parade area. However, in the 1990s, the country worked to restore the area to make it closely resemble its early 19th-century appearance.

Now, visitors can check out the gardens for free. Pop icons aren’t there every day, but maybe you’ll get lucky.