British Airways Valentine's Day Couples Crew
Credit: Courtesy of British Airways

Passengers aboard British Airways’ Valentine’s Day flight to Buenos Aires will, quite literally, see love in the air.

The airline has staffed Thursday’s flight BA245 with five cabin-crew couples.

Three of the couples, according to British Airways, found “love at first flight” when they met while working.

One couple, Carl and Nathan, have been together 13 years and have worked for the airline for the past four. They were married last November. As a couple, they have traveled all over the world together: New York City, Caribbean, Turkey, Spain, and Florida while working for the airline.

“We work well together in every aspect of our lives, so working as colleagues on board is no different,” Carl said in a statement. “We’re over the (honey)moon to be showing our customers some British Airways love on this very special flight.”

Another couple, Aimee and Christopher, have worked 17 British Airways flights together. They announced their engagement last December. They said they have made their relationship work by enforcing a “no plane talk” rule at home. They advise other traveling couples to stay in “contact as much as possible over FaceTime, stay in the same time zone if possible and remember to make time for each other on your days off.”

In addition to the couples’ flight, British Airways surprised 100 people with free upgrades from economy to first class. Passengers who got the surprise upgrade were traveling for romantic purposes, like celebrating wedding anniversaries or visiting loved ones.