More than 60 women took part in the historic occasion.
british airways female flight
Credit: Courtesy of British Airways

British Airways celebrated International Women’s Day (which is on March 8) by launching what airline representatives say is the United Kingdom's biggest all-female flight.

More than 60 female employees from the airline gathered together on Monday, March 5 in celebration of International Women’s Day 2018.

The crew included 61 females that handled every aspect of operations for flight 1484 departing from London’s Heathrow Airport to Glasgow, Scotland, from baggage handling and loading to cabin crew operations mid-flight.

“So many people think the jobs on the ramp, under the wings of aircraft, are just for men,” Joanne Kershaw, a ramp manager for the airline, said in a statement regarding the occasion.

“I loved being part of a team of women at the top of their game, working all together for the first time on one flight, to get it ready and away on time for our customers,” she added.

The flight consisted of 204 customers, including British Airways student ambassadors who are currently looking to take up futures in the aviation industry.

The passengers received cupcakes up boarding as part of the celebration.

Female pilots navigated the flight, safely transporting passengers to Glasgow.

“As a mum of two teenage daughters, I think it’s crucial that we grab every opportunity we can to inspire the next generation,” Julie Levy, a captain at the airline, said in the statement.

british airways all female flight
Credit: Courtesy of British Airways

“There wasn’t any visibility of female pilots when I was growing up, so I think events like this are important to help show the range of different careers that are available to women,” she added.

Customers flying with the airline on International Women's Day on March 8 will also be able to watch the video of the journey during their flight.

While the airline celebrated the day with the biggest all-female-flight, several other airlines are also operating all-female crews in honor fo the day.

Virgin Atlantic has three all-female crews flying out of Manchester, London Gatwick, and London Heathrow on March 8, while easyJet is celebrating with over 100 female pilots who will be on the day’s roster operating roughly a quarter of the scheduled flights.

According to easyJet representatives, this will be the highest number of female pilots the airline has had flying in one day in its history.

Besides its female pilots, the airline will also have six all-female crews flying between London, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Munich, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Agadir on March 8.