A nature reserve in Jardim, Brazil, transformed into a fantastic underwater wonderland earlier this month when heavy rains caused a nearby river to flood the park.

This particular flood was special. Completely clear waters overtook the trail at Rio de Prata Ecological Recanto. The trees, grass and even the dirt trails all appeared crystallized to perfection.

When heavy rains hit the area, the Rio de Prata slows downs and dams, increasing the water level at the Olho d’Agua, Atlas Obscura reported.

The reserve said that the river from from Olho D’Agua river are clear “due to their conserved riparian forest and being inside a Private Reserve of the Natural Patrimony - PRNP, a type of Conservation Unit.” The water remains particularly clear because it passes through a limestone karst. The reserve is so attentive to its preservation that visitors are specifically instructed not to kick up sediment while passing through.

A park ranger found the underwater dreamscape while monitoring the site. He took out a video camera and filmed his trek through the newly aquatic world, including an image of a bridge that seems to lead to nowhere.

The reserve said it was a “rare episode” and by the end of the day, the river returned to its normal levels.

Even when the park isn’t flooded, visitors can partake in a duel trail/snorkeling tour. The trail leads through the forest and takes visitors past the wildlife, including monkeys and exotic birds. Afterwards, guests get in snorkeling gear and venture down the Olho d’Agua.