While we’d like to believe that people are inherently good as a species, time and time again we prove that to be wrong. Especially when it comes to respecting other animals living on this planet.

A prime example of humans being terrible happened just this week after a blue whale carcass washed up on the shore along the coast of Chile. According to the Daily Mail, the blue whale, which is the largest animal to exist on Earth, caused quite a frenzy in Punta Arenas, a town located in in the Magallanes Region of the country.

But, rather than look at the majestic sea creature’s body from a safe distance, people instead decided it would be OK to jump onto the whale's carcass and take tasteless pictures to post on social media.

Footprints, the Daily Mail reported, could be seen up and down the animal’s back, which likely occurred as person after person climbed up to take a selfie or throw up a rather ironic peace sign while desecrating the animal’s remains. One person even attempted to make a declaration of love by writing “Ana, I love you” in white paint along the animal’s side. (Note to everyone, that isn’t how you tell someone you love them.)

“We are losing respect and empathy for everything today,” social media user Carmen Julia Gonzalez Escanilla wrote on one post, according to the Daily Mail. “So stupid, every day we get worse. How would the people who did this like to have their dead bodies written on? They do not respect anything,” another added.

Finally, after days of sitting on the beach, the 66-foot whale was taken away by authorities and is currently under inspection in the hopes of determining a cause of death. Though, according to initial reports, the animal likely died from an illness or possibly via another run-in with terrible humans as it collided with a ship.

If you happen to stumble upon a dead sea creature, whale or otherwise, make sure to stay away and call authorities instead. And perhaps think twice about sharing photos of it on social media.