By Alison Fox
November 27, 2019

A black bear was feeling particularly friendly when it appeared to smooth out a woman’s hair during what was a very… curious encounter at a Mexican park.

The incident, captured on video and posted this weekend, shows the furry friend approaching a group of people as other bears hung out in the background of a park near Monterrey in northern Mexico, Fox News reported.

The group of bears was apparently on the hunt for food, seen in the video scavenging nearby trash cans when one left the pack and approached the woman. But rather than attack her, it calmly got up on its two hind legs and started to gently stroke the back of the woman’s head, smoothing out her hair.

A second woman told the group to remain calm and let the bears do their thing, according to the Daily Mail.

The bear then got back down on all fours and appeared to start walking away as the woman stood still and quiet throughout the experience.

“Don't come near them, don't bother them and keep food away. Don't feed them or throw food at them, and please don't hit them,” the Santa Catarina Civil Protection posted about the bears after the encounter, according to the Daily Mail, adding that visitors to the Chipinque Ecological Park should not leave trash behind.

This isn’t the first curious bear. Just last month, a black bear was seen casually hanging around an Econo Lodge Inn & Suites motel in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, checking out the second floor before heading downstairs.

Interactions like this could turn very dangerous and it’s never a good idea to purposely approach a wild animal.

Animal encounters are a great way to instantly make any vacation memorable, but it’s always a good idea to make sure it’s done ethically. And when on safari, it’s a good idea to turn off geotagging when you post a photo of an animal so you don’t unintentionally alert people like poachers to the animal’s location.