17 Tech Gadgets T+L Editors Never Travel Without

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As trendy as it may be to unplug on vacation, some of the travel-ready tech that's on the market right now is just too good to leave behind. Plus, the best gadgets enhance your travels without becoming a distraction, like the wireless earbuds that provide a seamless soundtrack for your morning run along the surf or the keychain that keeps you from losing your keys.

Apple Watch Series 3

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Apple Watch
Courtesy of Apple

"While the new Apple Watch might not look too different from its predecessor, the Series 3 makes serious strides that will be most appreciated by intrepid travelers. For the first time, the Apple Watch has cellular connectivity, so you can send and receive calls and texts without needing to have your phone nearby. And a barometric altimeter lets you track elevation (perfect for serious hikers)." — Melanie Lieberman, Associate Digital Editor

To buy: apple.com, from $329

Skyroam Global Hotspot

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Skyroam Hotspot
Courtesy of Skyroam

One of our Ultimate Travel Essentials picks, this little guy lets you carry unlimited wifi in your pocket, wherever you go, starting at only $8 a day. You just press the start button to activate a 24-hour access period and you can connect up to five devices.

To buy: skyroam.com, $80 for the device

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Bose Wireless Headphones
Courtesy of eBags

"The benefits of Bose headphones are threefold: 1) Cancel out airplane noise. 2) Keep ears warm. 3) Pair with SimplyNoise app to help you get to sleep if your hotel room neighbors are on spring break or are elephants." — Laura Teusink, Executive Managing Editor

To buy: ebags.com, from $99

Moleskine Smart Writing Set & Planner

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Moleskine notebook
Courtesy of Moleskine

"I could never quit paper planners, but I will admit that it feels a little redundant to add appointments to my various calendars in the cloud, too. But the latest launch in Moleskine's Smart Writing System, the Smart Planner, is pretty revolutionary for analoggers like me. The pen uses a grid embedded in the paper to map notes, transcribe them, and sync jotted appointments directly into the digital calendar of your choosing. It packs a ton of offline storage, too, so I can do a month's worth of planning on the plane and download it all after landing." — Richelle Szypulski, Assistant Digital Editor

To buy: (planner) moleskine.com, $30; (smart writing set) moleskine.com, $199

Flux Portable Charger

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Flux Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

"This backup battery is about the size of my iPhone and holds enough juice to fully charge a smartphone at least three times — and it’s got built-in Lightning and micro-USB connectors, so I don’t have to carry a tangle of cords everywhere to use it. I never leave home without it." — Lila Battis, Food & Travel Editor

To buy: amazon.com, from $26

Kindle Paperwhite

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Amazon Kindle ebook reader
Courtesy of Amazon

"I was reluctant to hop on the e-reader train at first, but my favorite thing about flying is uninterrupted reading time, and I rarely leave enough room in my carry-on for a novel (or three). That's where this handy little device comes in. Added bonus: If I want to switch between a fun beach read and something heavier throughout my trip, the options are endless." — Nina Ruggiero, Senior Digital Editor

To buy: amazon.com, $120

Google Pixel XL

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Google Smart Phone
Courtesy of Google

"A smartphone is less 'gadget' and more 'necessity' in 2017. Google's Pixel XL, however, fulfills both in my book: It's got everything I need, plus excellent features — like a damn good camera and smart suggestions on the road — that keep it fun. If you're considering a smartphone purchase in the near future and aren't on the Apple train, wait for the Pixel 2 — it's coming out soon." — Jessica Plautz, Deputy Digital Editor

To buy: google.com, from $669

Olloclip Filmer's Kit

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Olloclip Apple camera grip
Courtesy of Apple

"For any travelers with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, this limited-edition video and photography kit is a game changer when it comes to capturing your trip. Incase and Olloclip teamed up to create a compact case that includes Olloclip's snap-on lens system and a pivot grip for shooting video on the go. You can augment your phone's front- and rear-facing cameras with the five-lens set (fisheye, super-wide angle, ultra-wide angle, macro 15x, and telephoto zoom 2x). I'm never wanting for a better angle when I use it." — Richelle Szypulski, Assistant Digital Editor

To buy: apple.com, $200

Tile Mate

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Tilemate GPS locator
Manfred Koh; Still Life Stylist: Judith Trezza with RJ Bennett Represents

Another Ultimate Travel Essential, Tile's Bluetooth tracker is one of the smartest buys on this list. Attach it to your keys, luggage, passport, wallet, or anything else important to track its location using a simple smartphone app. Can't find your phone? Press Tile's button twice and it'll ring, even on silent mode.

To buy: amazon.com, $14

iPad Mini

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Apple ipad mini tablet
Courtesy of Apple

"I’ve had my iPad mini for years, but I hadn’t really been using it for travel until fairly recently when Netflix started allowing users to download content onto their personal devices. Now, the night before a big trip, I download a number of TV episodes and a movie or two for the flight. It’s been a major game changer. The mini is compact (it fits perfectly in the front pocket of my backpack) and holds a charge quite well, so I’m never left worrying about being cut off halfway through an important scene. And with a handful of major airlines deciding to nix the seat-back entertainment units, I’m guaranteed to have something to watch no matter what I fly." — John Scarpinato, Assistant Editor

To buy: apple.com, from $400

Canon M100 Mirrorless Camera

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Canon Mirrorless Camera
Courtesy of Amazon

"It turns out, you don't need a DSLR to take phenomenal travel photos. I was recently converted to the mirrorless camp (a new wave body construction that tends to be lighter and more compact) and was won over by Canon's forthcoming EOS M100. It has a classic look with virtually all the bells and whistles you'll find in a DSLR. There are also a few fun features, like built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (for seamless Instagram sharing), and a tilting LCD screen, which helps frame shots or, you know, take selfies." — Melanie Lieberman, Associate Digital Editor

To buy: amazon.com, $599 (Oct. 19)

Wi-Fi SD Card

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Toshiba Wireless Wifi memory
Courtesy of Amazon

"Wi-Fi SD Cards aren't a new idea, but they may be the best idea. Slipping one of these bad boys into your point and shoot or DSLR/mirrorless camera will save you the hassle of having to add another item to your to-do list when you get back home. Once you have the Wi-Fi SD Card connected to your devices, it will transfer image files to your device on the spot. This makes for easy sharing on social media or storing for those #TBTs to come. And in the unfortunate case your camera is stolen or lost, your images are saved." — Mariah Tyler, Digital Assistant Photo Editor

To buy: amazon.com, $33

DxO One Camera

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology DxO One Camera
Courtesy of DxO One

This palm-sized device can turn your iPad or iPhone into a DSLR . We were impressed enough to add it to this year's list of Ultimate Travel Essentials.

To buy: amazon.com, $499

YI 4K Sports and Action Camera

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Yi 4K Action Camera
Courtesy of YI Technology

A budget price on this high-quality action camera earned it a spot on the 2017 list of Ultimate Travel Essentials, too. The LCD touchscreen is easy to use, one charge trades in for up to two hours of filming, and the Wi-Fi capabilities enable you to stream and share instantly.

To buy: amazon.com, $249

Jaybird Freedom 2 Sport Headphones

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Jaybird Headphones
Courtesy of Amazon

"My absolute favorite headphones are the Jaybird Freedom 2 — the latest iteration of these ultra lightweight, stylish Bluetooth headphones. You won't get tangled in wires, ever, and a portable clip-on battery adds an extra four hours of battery life. They stay powered long enough for a long-haul flight, and they're perfect for people who like to work out even when they're away from home." — Melanie Lieberman, Associate Digital Editor

To buy: amazon.com, $150

Away The Carry-on

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Away suitcase luggage
Courtesy of Away

"Although this might not be considered tech per se, it's an uber convenient way to keep my other tech charged and ready on the go. Despite everything I've learned while working for a travel brand, I'm notorious for being the girl hectically searching for an outlet as the battery on my phone or Kindle drains to critical levels. And while I love people watching, I'd rather watch last week's episode of 'Grey's'." — Chelsea Schiff, Senior Designer

To buy: awaytravel.com, $225

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Speaker

Travel Tech Gadgets Technology Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Music Speaker
Courtesy of Ultimate Ears

We love this fun Bluetooth speaker — one of this year's Ultimate Travel Essentials — that delivers on crisp, 360-degree sound no matter where you are, even in the pool. It's waterproof, plays for up to 10 hours on a single charge, and comes in six colors.

To buy: amazon.com, $100

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