By Andrea Romano
July 11, 2018
Disneyland Proposal - Sonni @sonni_nicolette

Going on Space Mountain was not the most thrilling thing to happen to one guest at Disneyland.

Park-goer Sonni (@sonni_nicolette on Twitter), was already in the happiest place on Earth when her boyfriend got down on one knee in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and presented her with an engagement ring.

In case it’s not obvious, she said yes.

Disneyland Proposal - Sonni @sonni_nicolette

Sonni posted photos of their magical engagement on Twitter, including the best Space Mountain photo in the world.

Disneyland Proposal - Sonni @sonni_nicolette

As they careened down a hill, Sonni held up her shiny, new engagement ring for the cameras. Because when you get engaged at Disney, you have to tell the world about it.

Disneyland Proposal - Sonni @sonni_nicolette

And her ring is quite lovely. Anyone would want to show it off, even while riding a coaster at 28 miles per hour.

The other rides in the front of the picture, of course, seem to have no idea they’re officially part of this couple’s love story.

Let’s hope these two have a fairy-tale wedding.