This Is the Best Drink to Order on the Airplane (Video)

While some frequent fliers may extol the taste of a bloody mary or just plain tomato juice at 35,000 feet, the best thing to drink is a lot more boring.

Travelers would be well-advised to opt for water when debating options from the drink cart. As tempting as a free soda or in-flight cocktail may be, water is unsurprisingly the best option for battling dehydration, dry skin, and headaches from the cabin pressure and circulating air.

And one more thing: Make sure it's bottled water.

Earlier this year, flight attendants revealed that the water tanks on airplanes are cleaned sporadically, at best, and they will rarely drink water from a plane.

A study from the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that one out of every eight planes in the U.S. doesn’t meet the agency’s standards for water tank cleanliness. And about 12% of tested aircraft had at least one positive test for coliform, a bacteria commonly found in feces.

For those who believe bottled water is too boring an option, Southern Living suggests a “mocktail” of seltzer water and a splash of cranberry juice. Not only does it have the carbonation and flavor of a soft drink, but offers (at least a little) additional Vitamin C from the cranberries.

Bottoms up.

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