These Cities Have the Most Singles, According to Data From H&R Block (Video)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For many singles, it can be a bit of an overwhelming holiday and a reminder of just how single they really are. But, rather than sit around waiting for love to come along, H&R Block wants to help singles looking for romance find the partner of their dreams.

To help those looking to couple up, H&R Block looked back at its last five years of tax filing data to determine where the most singles live, and even to determine their names.

According to the company, Newark, Detroit, Boston, Cleveland, and D.C. lead the pack when it comes to the highest concentration of singles. In fact, those city's singles make up 85 percent or more of H&R Block filers.

Cleveland Skyline view from a bridge on the Cuyahoga river
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The company’s top 10 locations by singles include Newark and Detroit, both with 87 percent singles, Boston, Clevland, and D.C. at 85 percent, New York City and Buffalo at 84 percent, Los Angeles and Philadelphia at 83 percent, and Memphis at 82 percent.

But wait, there’s more.

According to the data, those named Dylan, Jasmine, Alexis, or Emma are the most likely to be single and ready to find a new Valentine in their city.

In fact, those named Alexis made up 78 percent of H&R Block filers under “Single or Head of Household” in 2019. Meanwhile, 70 percent of Emmas filed as single, as with 81 percent of Jasmines, and 82 percent of Dylans.

Not ready to give up your single life yet? That’s okay, too. But, rather than stay at home this year while all your coupled-up friends go out, spend your Valentine’s Day giving yourself a little self-care and book a solo vacation to a destination you’ve always dreamed about. Because the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship of all.

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