New Study Shows The Best City for Film Lovers — And Surprisingly It Isn't Hollywood

Los Angeles comes in at No. 3.

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Tinseltown may be the center of the film industry, but it's not the best city for film lovers, according to a new study.

In a recent ranking conducted by price comparison site, the award for best city for movie buffs goes to London with a score of 9.75 out of a possible 10 for its wide array of movie entertainment.

Factors that contributed to the ranking included total number of cinemas, number of film tours available, the number of filming locations, and film festivals.

Of the four criteria, London came out on top in two. The British capital has the highest number of cinemas (161, if you're counting) and highest number of film tours, 104.

London's Leicester Square is also a famous destination for movie fans, as it has played the backdrop to many of the world's biggest movie premieres. The tours of Warner Bros. Studios, and filming location of the Harry Potter films, are among the capital city's most popular attractions.

With a ranking of 9.55, the runner-up was New York City. Although the Big Apple might not have as many film tours as other cities, it hosts the most film festivals of anywhere in the world with 1,152 events. The city also serves as a film set for movies shot around town on a regular basis.

Coming in third was Los Angeles came in at No. 3 on the list, with an overall ranking of 9.49. Of course, the home of show business topped the list for having the most filming locations. But, surprisingly, if you want to see a movie in the city of angels, there are only 65 theatres for you to choose from.

Rounding out the top 10 were Paris, San Francisco, Chicago, Mumbai, Berlin, Tokyo, and Barcelona.

The study also considered the cheapest and most expensive places to catch a flick. In Turkey, tickets will set you back about $2.35 each, which is more than five times cheaper than in the UK, where tickets are, on average, $13.50. But, still, that's cheaper than Switzerland, where the average movie ticket will set you back about $21.

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