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While most airlines now offer some form of Wi-Fi on their flights, not all wireless services are created equal. And, according to a recent report, there’s one airline with internet connectivity that soars above the rest.

According to a ranking from, JetBlue is the best airline in the country for onboard Wi-Fi. The airline offers free Wi-Fi on all domestic flights, at a speed of 15 megabits per second.

And not only is JetBlue’s internet one of the fastest, it’s the only free option available over U.S. skies for passengers in economy.

The runner up was Southwest. For $8 per flight, customers can access Wi-Fi on 90 percent of Southwest’s routes, at 10 Mbps. In third place was Delta, which actually offers more, and faster, Wi-Fi than Southwest (15 Mpbs on 98 percent of routes), but it will cost passengers double at $16.

Virgin America tied with JetBlue and Delta for fastest Wi-Fi (16 Mpbs), however it’s also the most expensive offering. Passengers will pay $25 to get connected while in flight.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, according to the ranking, Frontier, Hawaiian, and Spirit are the only three major carriers in the country that don’t offer any form of on-board internet connectivity.

For those onboard unconnected flights who need to set up a personal hotspot, we only have one piece of advice: Whatever you do, don’t name your Wi-Fi network “Bomb on Board.”