The space looks like a scene right out of a fairy tale.
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belgium hallerbos
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Head to the Hallerbos forest in Belgium in the springtime and you’ll be treated to a magical scene as the lush grounds become blanketed in seas of blooming bluebells.

Hallerbos is known as “The Blue Forest” thanks to the millions of hyacinths (also known as bluebells due to their striking purple-blue hue) that carpet the forest floor. Visitors will find winding paths with prime views of miles and miles of the colorful flowers made all the more striking against the forest's lush beech trees.

belgium hallerbos
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While the bluebells bloom at different times each year based on weather conditions and how much sunlight the forest is getting, Belgium's Forestry Service representatives recommend visiting the area around the second half of April for the best chance of seeing the flowers in all their glory.

The forest, which is located in the municipality of Halle, has already started seeing bluebells blooming this year, with increased sunlight expected to bring more bluebell blooms to the forest over the upcoming weeks.

hallerbos belgium
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belgium hallerbos
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For those curious about when the bluebells are blooming, the Forestry Service provides regular updates on its website, adding that bluebells typically staring to change from a bright blue to a grayish-blue in May.

When the birch trees start to sprout their leaves, they begin to darken the area, which in combination with fog can make the scene all the more striking.

belgium hallerbos
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Visitors can take their own paths through the forest or join in on a series of hosted walks to learn about the various plants and animals like deer and rabbits that call the space home.

If you are planning to visit the forest, being mindful of its paths and avoiding stepping on the flowers can help ensure their beauty lasts for years to come, as tourists who step on the plants can cause devastating destruction.