The bear had ice cream.

A Canadian zoo is in trouble after taking a one-year-old Kodiak bear through a Dairy Queen drive-thru for some ice cream.

The owner of Discovery Wildlife Park in Alberta, Canada plans to plead guilty for failing to “to notify the provincial government prior to the bear leaving the zoo,” Alberta Fish and Wildlife said in a statement, according to The Guardian.

Earlier this year, staff at the zoo took a one-year-old Kodiak bear named Berkley through the drive-through of a local Dairy Queen.

“There was never any public present. It was done long before the Dairy Queen even opened,” Serena Bos, a trainer at the zoo, told CBC in January. “Berkley is a captive bear, so not a wild bear in any way.” Zoo officials insist that there was never any danger as Berkley was kept on a chain for the entire trip.

The video was posted to Twitter and Facebook back in January and meant as a PSA against feeding wild animals. It has since been removed.

Canadian wildlife officials didn’t mind that the bear went to Dairy Queen, but rather that Discovery Wildlife Park did not properly warn the Fish and Wildlife Department that the animal was leaving zoo property.

This is not the first time the zoo has been under scrutiny for safety practices. A 2015 review found more than 50 violations of Alberta zoo standards.