Barcelona, Spain
Credit: Alexey Fedoren/Getty Images

Spring has only just sprung in the United States, but Norwegian Air’s latest deal has us looking ahead to fall and winter fun.

Norwegian is offering cheap fares on one-way flights to Barcelona from several U.S. cities. Travelers in New York City can get flights for as little as $179.90 this October through March 2019, while Fort Lauderdale-based flyers can snag a ticket for $189.90 October through December, with fares dropping to $159.90 one-way in 2019.

Never fear, West Coasters: You’re included in the sale as well. Nonstop flights from Oakland and Los Angeles to Barcelona are going for $184.90+ this October through March 2019.

Best of all, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get home once you’ve made it to Spain. Return flights to these U.S. airports will run you anywhere from the high $100s to mid-$300s. Please note that while these fares do include taxes, restrictions and baggage fees apply.

If you’re interested in running away to Spain this fall, head to Norwegian’s website to select your ideal trip dates. And if you need any ideas for what to do in Barcelona, allow our travel guide to be of some assistance. ¡Ten un buen viaje!