By Stacey Leasca
July 31, 2018
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Barack Obama and Joe Biden set hearts aflutter on Monday when they stepped out in public together, just like old times.

The former president and vice president proved they are still the definition of friendship goals at Dog Tag Bakery in Washington, D.C. for a quick bite to eat. In a video posted to Instagram, the pair can be seen walking up to the counter to order. Biden, like a pro, knows precisely which sandwich he wants. However, Obama waffles a bit, unsure of what to order, so his BFF Biden suggests a few goodies.

“Hold on a sec, what did you get here?” Obama asks Biden. “I’ve got one of these, what are they called, ham and cheese,” Biden replies.

“I think I’m gonna have one of those too,” Obama says, because true besties get matching sandwiches. “Give the boss one of those too,” Biden says as he pays their tab, which also includes a side salad for Obama and a slice of mint basil blueberry cake for Biden.

While seeing these two dine together once more was certainly cool enough, it turns out their choice of restaurant was equally awesome. According to Cosmopolitan, Dog Tag Bakery employees are made up of service-disabled veterans, military spouses, and caregivers. The bakery also offers its employees the opportunity to take part in a five-month fellowship program to earn a business certificate through Georgetown University.

According to Dog Tag CEO Meghan Ogilvie, who spoke to CNN, neither Obama nor Biden’s people gave much of a heads up that they were coming in. But when she found out, Ogilvie said she gathered all the fellows and employees for a “surprise.”

Ogilvie added that the political pair stayed and chatted with the fellows about their work and their business ideas. Then, they just enjoyed a bit of time together.

"It would seem like two friends coming together to have lunch," Olgilvie said. But, according to the former leader of the free world, he was just happy to be in the staff’s presence.

"What you guys are doing...that's what makes us proud," Obama reportedly told the Dog Tag Bakery staff. "We so appreciate you guys."