Watch how a Bald Eagle dad reacted to the earthquake off the coast of Los Angeles.


The 5.3-magnitude earthquake that shook southern California late Thursday startled a lot of local residents, including the wildlife.

A Channel Islands National Park live nest camera, hosted on, captured a bald eagle dad casually minding his own business with his little eaglets when the earthquake struck.

As the nest shook (but thankfully was undamaged) the dad immediately flew off, leaving his eaglets behind. While many people on the internet mistook this as an act of bad parenting, it’s actually a protective instinct for a male eagle to circle the nest in order to look for potential dangers, according to

So, don’t worry, everyone. This eagle didn’t abandon his babies.

In fact, around the :18 second mark, you can see a shadow of the eagle returning to the nest on the right-hand side.

The eagle family is doing fine now that the earthquake has passed. Anyone can check on them by streaming the live camera.