This little rhino may be (relatively) small, but it is fierce.

As vets attempted to treat its mother for her dislocated toe, a fiery little rhino attempted to push them away from her. Clearly this baby rhino has a few trust issues when it comes to humans.

In the video above, the vets carefully treat the mother’s injured foot, putting their hands out to gently ward off the baby as it periodically charges at them as they work. Mom's eyes are covered during the ordeal, so she seems unaware of her baby’s rambunctiousness.

The vets continue to try and clean the mother’s toe in order to work on it, but it looks like her fearless protector's interruptions make their job a little more difficult. Also, it’s probably not a comfortable feeling knowing a rhino is ready and willing to charge at you at any second. Even if it is a baby.

Luckily, this rhino had not fully grown its horn yet — and is pretty adorable in the process.