An Adorable Baby Bunny Was Rescued From a Storm at Dublin Airport

As Storm Emma whips across the U.K., Dublin Airport has been sharing updates with plenty of footage of strong winds and blizzard conditions. But not only is the storm affecting flights, airport workers, and travelers — it’s also leaving a mark on the local wildlife.

A tiny baby hare was spotted by a K9 team Saturday at Dublin Airport, hopping around the snow and looking for shelter. Luckily, one of the airport workers was able to scoop it up and carry it to safety.

The airport shared a video of the worker’s encounter with the sweet little animal on its official Twitter account.

Once it was inside, the baby hare was given heat and food. She was discovered to be a female of less than one year old and was nicknamed Emma, for the storm she was found in.

The worker who rescued her volunteered to bring Emma home to rehabilitate her until she can be released back into the wild. The worker’s family is having plenty of fun sharing pictures of Emma on their social media accounts.

And it looks like Emma is having a good time with the family’s pets, too.

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