Here’s one baby elephant who will not stop until it gets what it deserves: infinite cuddle time.

Tourist Hannah Frenchick was visiting the Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she encountered perhaps the cutest of baby elephants.

At first, Frenchick gave the elephant a few pets on the head, but it was clear the animal was not satisfied — as it proceeded to affectionately bowl her over demanding a cuddle. Despite the mud, Frenchick laughs and happily rolls around with the baby elephant as it nuzzled her torso.

The Patara Elephant Farm is Thailand’s only elephant breeding farm, focused on health-recovery and conservation of the species. It's also is dedicated to educating the public on elephants and how to interact with them and the threats they face.

Visitors can purchase packages from the farm to interact with the animals and can participate in feeding, walking, healthcare and bathing. Sometimes visitors are also permitted to ride an elephant with proper instruction so as not to harm it.

Since the farm specializes in having humans interacting with the elephants, it’s clear that the elephants also enjoy making new friends.