Animals are cute. Baby animals are even cuter. Baby animals who mimic humans are, well, the cutest.

And so is the case with a baby chimpanzee named Mussa, who was rescued from poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo earlier this week.

On the flight to his new home at a rehabilitation center run by Lwiro Primates, Mussa wasn’t shy around his new human pal, pilot Anthony Caere.

A video posted online shows the young monkey hopping onto the pilot’s lap, fiddling around with a control knob, gazing out the window, and eventually settling into a nap – all from his comfortable post in the captain’s seat.

People on Twitter are loving how attentive the pilot was to the little guy, who he even groomed briefly mid-flight.

In another Facebook post, Lwiro Primates shared more photos of the successful mission to bring Mussa to safety and thanked Virunga National Park for partnering with them to make it possible.

While this video is adorable, Caere, an anti-poaching pilot at Virunga National Park, reminded people in his own Instagram post of the video, "This looks cute but is actually a sad story. He should be with his mum.. But happy we could give him a new good home!"

Lwiro Primates explains on its website that all of the conservation site's inhabitants were removed illegally from their homes and their families are usually injured or killed. After their adult family members are often sold as bushmeat, baby chimpanzees are either abandoned or sold as pets.

If you're interested in their efforts, you can donate here.