After his home was destroyed in the ongoing bushfires, an Australian man was unsure whether he could rebuild. But after a miraculous lottery win, his fortunes have surely changed.

According to ABC15, the man, who wished to remain anonymous, won the $1 million AUD (about $690,000 USD) jackpot from the Australian lottery on Jan. 8 after his family’s house was destroyed. He currently lives in Mount Cotton, New South Wales.

“My family just lost their home in the bushfires in northern New South Wales and it wasn’t insured, so thank you very much,” the man told the Australian lottery. “We didn’t know if we would ever be able to rebuild but now we definitely can.”

Lottery numbers printed on a ticket
Credit: Ken Reid/Getty Images

The jackpot numbers for the Australian lottery were 9, 42, 24, 13, 22 and 11, 26, and 1. The man told the lottery that he chose the numbers thanks to his wife, saying that those were her “special” numbers.

While this man has good luck and a lotto jackpot to help him and his family on the way to recovery, there are still millions of people and animals who have suffered or been displaced from the Australian bushfires.

Many locals have been doing their part to help the victims of the fires, but many people can still help even if they’re nowhere near Australia. In fact, many celebrities have been joining the effort, raising millions to aid in recovery. Nicole Kidman, Chris Hemsworth, Kylie Jenner, and Leonardo DiCaprio are amongst the Hollywood stars who have given large sums of money to Australian charities.

If you are looking for a way to help, there are several charities to donate to. In addition, anyone planning a trip to the country can help the relief effort by not canceling their trip, as long as it’s in an unaffected area. Tourism is still a big industry in the country, and tourists help support the local economy.