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Credit: Chris Williams Black Box/Getty Images

Employees of an Australian accounting firm will be able to take six to 12 weeks of vacation per year as part of the company’s new “life leave” policy.

Ernst & Young Oceania will begin offering its employees a flexible vacation policy on April 1 that will allow them to either take a generous leave, work part-time or realign their work schedules with their outside-work goals. And yes, the policy is supposed to make you jealous. The firm hopes that by introducing flexible time-off policies, they will be able to draw and retain top-talent employees. According to research by the firm, a flexible work situation increases employee engagement by 11 percent.

“We’re innovating so we don’t lose these people while they pursue passions outside of work,” EY Oceania’s people partner Kate Hillman told The Independent. Hillman specifically listed employees who might be interested in pursuits like volunteering abroad, trekking through Nepal or partaking in extended training programs.

Employees will also be able to choose between two new options: term-time working or part-time working. Those with children may prefer the first schedule option which would allow them to work full-time during the year and then take school holidays off. Others may prefer the second schedule which allows employees three months of part-time hours per year.

There is one catch: the “life leave” policy is self-funded, meaning that employees won’t get paid while they’re away from the office. Employees will be able to take their “life leave” in either one big block or two smaller chunks per year. That's plenty of time to get out and explore the world, maybe even a chance to visit one of Travel + Leisure's 50 best places to visit in 2019.