By Cailey Rizzo
January 07, 2020

Many of us have a soft spot for Australia — and it’s more than just the cuddly koalas. Travel + Leisure named Australia our 2020 destination of the year for its stunning outback vistas, exciting culinary and wine scenes, and the sense of adventure and fun every Aussie seems to have. However, as Australia battles deadly bushfires that have lasted months, travelers may be wondering what they can do to help or if they can visit the beloved destination. Specifically, by donating or visiting the country's unaffected areas, anyone can contribute to the relief efforts as Australia recovers. Here's how to help:


Charities and relief efforts are seeking donations to help battle flames and recover charred lands.

An RFS Crew member
An RFS Crew attempts to put out a smoldering pile of railway sleepers. The sleepers measured over 600 degrees on a thermal temperature gauge 2 days after the fire front had passed through on January 06, 2020 in Wingello, Australia.
| Credit: Getty Images


Economies rely on tourism. “Whilst bushfires continue to impact parts of Australia, many areas are unaffected and most tourism businesses are still open,” Tourism Australia said in a statement. “It is more important than ever that we rally around our communities and the tourism sector who may have been impacted. We would encourage all travellers coming to Australia to seek the most up to date information prior to departure, and remain informed about changing conditions whilst on the ground.”

And, once the fires are over, affected areas will need to bring tourists back.

South Australia's official Instagram account shared a video of the devastation done by the fires, but wrote an uplifting message, welcoming visitors to the unaffected areas of the country.

"We will continue to share information about the large areas of the island which remain unaffected and still incredibly pure," the post read. "We will give you recommendations about what is open and what to see and do safely once the CFS has announced it is fully safe to do so."

Of course, booking a trip to visit in a few months when the fires are over — and taking T+L's recommendations along with you — is a guaranteed way to help. Visiting the country and posting on social media may encourage others to visit and help spread the word that Australia is open for travelers.