By Evie Carrick
April 16, 2019
Notre Dame fire
Credit: Stoyan Vassev/TASS/Getty Images

After the horrifying fire at Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral finally went out, police and fire services have been working to assess the security and safety of the historic monument as rescued relics are being transported for safekeeping and restoration.

The Guardian reported Laurent Nunez, a junior interior minister, as saying that now the primary concern of authorities is to identify structural weaknesses. The spire fell and much of the roof was destroyed, but the extent of the internal and structural damage still needs to be assessed.

According to the culture minister of France, Franck Reister, many of the cathedral’s relics were saved, including the tunic of Saint Louis and the Crown of Thorns. Reister told reporters that other works were being transferred to the Louvre from the storeroom in City Hall to be dehumidified and restored.

In response to the fire, private donors have pledged hundreds of millions of euros to help rebuild Notre Dame, including French billionaire Bernard Arnault who announced today that he and his luxury conglomerate will donate 200 million euros (around $226 million) to the efforts. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, said on Twitter that the cathedral would be rebuilt, announcing an international fundraising campaign to pay for reconstruction.

But as people look to the future of the historic building, others, especially locals, look back to reflect on what Notre Dame means to the world and the history of the Cathedral's enduring legacy.