Arlo Soho just partnered with Cutler Salon to offer great digs — and killer cuts — under one roof.

By Siobhan Reid
April 05, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Cutler/Arlo SoHo

“Cheating” on your hair dresser with a random stylist or a box of drugstore color is a universal beauty no-no. But if you love to travel, you know that getting your roots touched-up every six weeks and your bangs trimmed every other, isn’t always feasible. Ideally, you’d bring your stylist in your suitcase or patiently wait out that awkward grow-out stage, but in desperate times, what’s a person to do?

If your travels take you to New York City, the solution is simple: book a chair at Arlo Soho's new salon.

The trendy downtown property recently opened a branch of the renowned New York City Cutler Salon, which has four locations in the city and counts Justin Bieber among its fans.

Credit: Courtesy of Cutler/Arlo SoHo

The salon — an airy, light-flooded space adjacent to the hotel — has an intimate, neighborhood feel and a team of well-trained professionals who will work miracles on your mane, giving you a style that’s sure to turn heads on the New York City streets.

The best part: You can roll out of bed and into the chair of a bona fide hair maestro — all in under 20 steps. Who knows? Cutler x Arlo Soho might just become your new steady.