Not an April Fools' Day joke.

By Cailey Rizzo
April 01, 2019
Frank Cezus/Getty Images

If you’re flying on April 1, triple check your departure time before leaving for the airport.

A software issue that hit early April Fool’s Day caused several major airlines to ground Monday morning flights.

U.S. airlines like Southwest, Delta and JetBlue were forced to cancel or delay hundreds of flights on Monday because of an issue with Aerodata, a system used to monitor a plane’s weight and balance, according to the Washington Post.

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration told CNN the software problems were "short-lived" and delays should be "minimal."

The delays and cancellations are happening at scattered airports around the country. According to data from, about 200 flights from Baltimore-Washington International, Dulles International and Reagan National airports were late or canceled because of the issue. Flights from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, New York's Newark Airport, and Dallas Fort-Worth were also substantially affected.

United Airlines said that about 150 of its flights were impacted by the software issue. Southwest issued a ground stop for about 40 minutes, canceling about 80 flights but delaying almost 800 across the country.

Delta confirmed that a software issue had affected flights, but the data was back available quickly and didn’t cancel any flights. “No cancellations are expected due to the issue and our teams are working to resolve some of the resulting delays,” a Delta spokesperson said in a statement.

Travelers flying on Monday should check directly with their airline for up-to-date information regarding the status of their flight.