View of beach from the window of an airplane
Credit: Per Breiehagen/Getty Images

For window seat people, one of the greatest thrills of flying is seeing the world from above. However, it’s not always possible to know what’s actually happening 40,000 feet below.

Inflighto is a new app (available for both iOS and Android), developed to give passengers information on the places they’re flying over.

Although it’s long been possible for passengers to orient themselves with seatback live maps, the app goes more in depth. Using in-flight Wi-Fi, the app’s moving map provides information on landmarks and points of interest below.

The idea for an interactive flyover map on your phone is not altogether new. The app Flyover Country was also designed to give users information about interesting sights below the plane.

It’s the premium versions (either $9.99 or $39.99 per year) of Inflighto that set the app apart. Users can use live weather tracking to get information about the clouds they’re flying through while preparing for any turbulence along the route. Premium versions also include live marine tracking so, when flying over a body of water, users can discover the names and occupations of the boats below.

The app was developed by two pilots with both passengers and fellow pilots in mind. Aviation enthusiasts can geek out over live flight data like altitude, vertical speed, and geographic location coordinates.

If someone else on the flight (passenger or crew) also happens to have the app, users can enter a chatroom and talk to each other online. The creators hope that pilots or flight attendants will use the app’s chatroom to alert users when there’s something interesting happening outside the window.