The hunt for the airport bathroom is over.

Apple Maps updates for airports
Credit: Courtesy of Apple

The only thing worse than rushing to your gate in an overcrowded airport is doing so in an unfamiliar airport. (Especially if you’re running late, or if all the signs are in a foreign language.) Apple Maps is trying to take the mystery out of traveling through new airports — and make it easier to find your next terminal during a tight connection.

On Thursday, Apple Maps unveiled indoor maps for more than 30 airports, both in the United States and around the world.

Initially available in just two airports (Philadelphia and San Jose) and a handful of shopping malls, the detailed guides let you “look inside” for boarding gates, security checkpoints, check-in desks, baggage claim carousels, and other crucial locations.

See in advance which airport restaurants are past security, and where the closest bathroom is when you finally get off that long flight.

Siri also works with the indoor Apple Maps, making the virtual assistant a pretty handy travel companion. She can help you find exactly what you’re looking for (a Hudson News or a Starbucks, most likely).

Of course, Apple isn’t the only company developing a robust collection of indoor airport maps. Google Maps has long supported floor plans for airports in a number of countries, including Australia, Japan, and about a dozen locations in the United States.

Airports added in Apple Maps update include all three New York City area airports, Los Angeles International Airport, Schipol in Amsterdam, Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London, and Hong Kong International Airport.