Your iPhone Has a Secret Texting Feature You Might Not Know About (Video)

And it's a huge time-saver.

If you’ve ever wished there was a quicker way to easily edit your texts and notes when using your Apple devices, we’ve got good news for you.

Apple recently released its latest version of software available for its mobile devices and iPads on Monday, and one of the most handy tools you can tap into through the new iOS 12 is its text editing shortcut.

With iOS 12, Apple users who have devices that don’t automatically come with 3D Touch capability will now be able to utilize the feature.

For those not familiar with the 3D Touch capability, the feature allows users to quickly turn their device's keyboard into a trackpad to easily move the input cursor to points of interest when editing text.

While it is already available on the iPhone 6S and later devices like the iPhone 7, iPhone 7S, the iPhone 8, and iPhone XS, iOS 12 will now make it available across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices regardless of their screen capability.

The feature works when Apple’s stock keyboard is open. Tap on the text if the keyboard is not immediately visible and once the keyboard opens, simply tap on the space bar and hold for a few moments. After a few moments, the keyboard will disappear to signal trackpad mode, letting users control the cursor with their finger to whatever location in the text they want.

Releasing the finger at the preferred location will leave the cursor at that stop for edits.

For devices that already have 3D Touch, users won’t need to wait for the keyboard to switch into cursor mode. Rather, applying force directly to the screen where the keyboard is located will instantly trigger the switch to trackpad mode, with the ability to highlight entire sentences and even paragraphs without needing to release your finger.

The new iOS 12 is available on devices that run on iOS 11, bringing the new capability to older models like the iPhone 5S, and the new iPhone XR arriving in October.

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