You Can Post Messages All Over New York City Screens With This New App

Messages in NYC - Shoutable App
Photo: Courtesy of Shoutable

Everybody knows that Times Square is one of New York City’s most popular attractions. Visitors to the square are overwhelmed by a carnival of lights and signs — and delighted to make an appearance on one of the screens. But it’s no longer necessary to trek to the tourist trap to spread your message across New York.

A new app is allowing anybody to take over a screen in New York City with their own personal message. Shoutable bills itself as the “app for everyday grand gestures.”

After downloading the app, anybody can bounce a message to any one of the 3,600 LinkNYC screens across the city’s five boroughs.

Messages in NYC - Shoutable App
Courtesy of Shoutable

For those unfamiliar: the LinkNYC stations often project information like the weather, public transit status, NYC fun facts and information about events around town. The stations provide free WiFi and a place to make emergency phone calls.

But with the app, they transform into a sort of e-card on the streets. Users log onto the app, select a template and fill out what they would like it to say. According to the app, there are different templates for different occasions including birthdays, holidays and congratulations. There are even templates for marriage proposals, if that’s your sort of thing.

They select any one of the screens in the city and their message will appear for 60 seconds. Users can also schedule their message to appear in the future, which seems like a very cute idea for a romantic gesture, birthday greeting or scavenger hunt.

The app is available for free on iOS. The first shout is free. After that, it will cost $4.99 to display your message on one of the screens.

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