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Anthony Bourdain
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

You have an excuse to take it easy this Memorial Day weekend: It could be your last chance to binge watch “Parts Unknown.”

Seasons one through eight of Anthony Bourdain’s CNN show “Parts Unknown” will leave Netflix on June 16, 2018.

The first eight seasons contain some of the most memorable moments of the entire series, winning multiple Emmy and Peabody awards. So, while other people may be outside fighting crowds this holiday weekend, you can stay inside and relive some of Bourdain’s greatest hits.

Start at season one (released in 2013) when the show was still brand new. During that season, Bourdain explored the intriguing Interzone of Tangier and paid homage to Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” by taking a boat ride through the Congo.

Those who watch Bourdain for the food porn can watch his season two trip to Copenhagen when he dined at Noma, considered to be the best restaurant in the world, his tour of Lyon with chef Daniel Boulud or his tormentous parade through Sichuan with chef and friend Eric Ripert.

Those who enjoy Bourdain’s more politically-charged shows should tune directly to the episodes filmed in Iran, Russia, Beirut, post-Brexit London or Jerusalem.

Throughout the series, Bourdain has hung out with some interesting characters. Highlights include watching baseball in Charleston with Bill Murray, eating healthy with Iggy Pop in Miami and getting a tattoo at a house party in Nashville with Jack White.

And end your Bourdain binge with season eight and, perhaps, one of the best moments of the entire series: sitting down for a meal with then-president Barack Obama in Hanoi.

All seasons, including current season 11, are available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes (from $2.99 per episode). Fans can also watch free clips from all seasons on the show’s website.