Anthony Bourdain New York City Pier 57 Food Hall Market
Credit: WIN-Initiative/Getty Images; Steve Mack/FilmMagic

Bad news for Anthony Bourdain fans.

After two years of planning, Bourdain announced last week that his much-anticipated international food hall will not open on New York City’s Pier 57.

“Launching what is admittedly a very ambitious venture has proven to be challenging at every turn,” Bourdain said in a statement to Eater. “It seems increasingly clear that in spite of my best efforts, the stars may not align at Pier 57 which is an especially complicated site for which we still do not have a lease.”

About five years ago, Bourdain first talked about opening a Singapore-style food market in New York. The market was to feature stalls from chefs and vendors that he had met from his travels around the world. The project was to sit on Manhattan’s west side waterfront at Pier 57.

However, Bourdain’s plans have been plagued by setbacks ever since conception. Although he was in talks with Pier 57 for years, the project never signed a lease. The opening date was pushed back by three years. And earlier this year, the project’s CEO stepped down. Bourdain also spoke about the difficulty of obtaining visas for the market’s international vendors. And even after the project had been announced, developers continued to meet with competitors, including Gansevoort Market and Eataly.

However, this doesn’t mean that Bourdain is giving up the project entirely. “I remain hopeful that New York will someday have such a market — I still passionately wish to create this resource that New Yorkers deserve,” he added in the statement.