Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Songs Have Been Compiled Into a Playlist — Listen to It Now

Musicians featured on the playlist include Iggy Pop, The Beach Boys, and David Bowie.

Anthony Bourdain was known for his love of food, travel, and people — especially when all three came together, as they often did in his series No Reservations and Parts Unknown. But those closest to Bourdain also knew that he had a deep love of music.

Now, fans of the beloved former TV host can listen to a 302-song playlist of his favorite tunes. Curated by Morgan Neville, director of the recently released documentary about Bourdain, the playlist features music by The Beach Boys, Patti Smith, and David Bowie, as well as musicians who were personal friends of Bourdain's, like Iggy Pop and Queens of the Stone Age.

"When I started making the documentary 'Roadrunner,' pretty much the first thing I did was put together a playlist of all the music that Tony mentioned," Neville told Rolling Stone.

Beyond the songs that Neville remembered Bourdain speaking about, the director also turned to friends of the late chef to help compile the list. Music played a large role in Bourdain's award-winning TV series, as the host took great care to choose which songs would accompany the episodes. Bourdain's love of music also makes an appearance in the "Roadrunner" documentary, with his friend David Chang even revealing that one of Bourdain's favorite songs came from his time as a heroin user.

Anthony Bourdain
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Though "Roadrunner" has faced some criticism, in particular for its use of an AI-generated version of Bourdain's voice, it offers a look at his life and who he was before his life tragically ended. In the end, it's a tribute that has filled the hearts of many fans and friends of Bourdain with nostalgia. And the playlist is the perfect complement to that experience.

To listen to the more than 18-hour playlist for yourself, head to Spotify.

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