Attention would-be cross-country train travelers: Amtrak is having a sale on roomettes — the small rooms onboard the train that offer both privacy and comfort — that's great for friends or partners who want to see the country this summer, fall, or winter.

Anyone who has taken a long train ride on Amtrak knows that — even though train travel is scenic — public seating and a lack of shower can make a trip less than enjoyable. Located in a separate part of the train, the sliding-door roomettes have two seats facing each other that convert into a bed, and another bunk bed that folds down from the ceiling.

The sale, available until June 26 for travel from August 20 to February 15, is a two-for-one deal, so two people can travel in the roomette for the price of one.

Importantly, meals in the dining car are included with the purchase of a roomette. (The sit-down meals are expensive individually, meaning you can almost get your money's worth from the price of a roomette just by eating.) You and your travel partner can sit down to lunch and dinner in between enjoying the view our your private window, or spending time in the observation car. A dedicated attendant is on hand for roomette guests to book meal reservations, make and take down the beds, and assist with luggage.

The roomettes are available on several Amtrak trains that offer sleeping accommodations, including the Auto Train, California Zephyr, Capitol Limited, Cardinal, City of New Orleans, Coast Starlight, Crescent, Empire Builder, Lake Shore Limited, Silver Service, Southwest Chief, Texas Eagle, and Sunset Limited.

Travelers could book a roomette for this fall to enjoy the foliage in the Allegheny Mountains and Potomac Valley aboard the Capitol Limited, or in the Appalachians aboard the Cardinal. Or book the Coast Starlight, and take in the Pacific Northwest’s rocky coastline and Mount Shasta when it's covered in snow this winter.

Example fares include $267 from Chicago to New Orleans, $236 from D.C. to Savannah, $342 from New York City to Miami, and $374 from Seattle to Los Angeles.

To book a roomette, head to Amtrak's website.