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Where do Mainers spend their vacations? Massachusetts apparently. Hoosiers head to South Carolina, and Alaskans flock to Hawaii. used its bookings data to shed light on Americans’ travel patterns, and while some of the results are expected (New Mexicans book hotels in neighboring Arizona the most), there are few surprises.

Tiny Rhode Island’s top pick for out-of-state bookings? Not anywhere in New England or even nearby New York. Nope. It’s Texas.

Florida attracts its neighbors as well as far-flung visitors from Michigan and New York, while Nevada is the number one destination for almost the entire West.

HotelsCombined also pulled data on national trends, such as most and least popular states to visit from 2014, top bookings for 2015 so far, and states with the most travelers in 2015 based on Google searches. The takeaway? Americans consistently love Florida, California, Nevada, and New York. Nebraska and Vermont, slightly less.

Somehow, Maryland is home to the most vacation planners, with its residents coming in first overall for travel-related searches in 2015. Maybe it's because they want to escape to destinations with more beautiful people (T+L readers ranked Baltimore as the fourth-least attractive city in the US)?

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