Passengers on a flight departing from Phoenix, Arizona had some tense moments when they were told they needed to get into a bracing position for landing.

The American Airlines flight suffered some mechanical issues stemming from a broken fan, which created smoke in the cockpit, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Dallas, Texas.

One passenger, Steve Ramsthel, caught a recording of passengers being told to brace by flight attendants.

"There were some people crossing themselves, but I thought the adrenaline was high and everybody just cooperated. It was pretty amazing to be honest with you,” Ramsthel told Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV. Ramsthel, who is a pilot himself, posted the video on Facebook.

The plane, which was operated by Mesa Airlines, landed safely at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. No injuries were reported.

“A flight made an emergency landing on January 17 due to mechanical issues stemming from a broken fan," American Airlines confirmed in a statement. "There were no reported injuries.”