American Airlines crew can offer compensation in-flight.
Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

American Airlines flight attendants will now be able to offer compensation for problems that occur while in the air.

When a passenger encounters a meal shortage, issue with seat or a broken in-flight entertainment system, flight attendants will be able to offer compensation in the form of AAdvantage Miles, the Chicago Business Journal reported.

The system will work on tablets that the flight attendants can carry around while on service. Through a program called iSolve, flight attendants will be able to offer concrete customer service fixes while the aircraft is flying.

The technology is already in use by American Airlines’ customer service managers, reservations agents and social media support.

In order to receive compensation in the skies, passengers must already be enrolled in the AAdvantage program. Flight attendants will only be able to credit accounts with miles and cannot offer solutions, like cash or vouchers, to those who are not members of the airline’s loyalty program.

According to Chicago Business Journal, flight attendants will be able to start using the program at the end of the month.

As flight attendants receive this new technology, they are also undergoing a mandatory 12.5-hour course in “de-escalation.” The new course is meant to teach flight attendants how to manage crises onboard aircraft, particularly how to stop customer service confrontations from being recorded and going viral online.