By Andrea Romano
November 12, 2018

Work relationships can be complicated. Not every workplace is one big, happy family. Not even your friendly crew of flight attendants.

In fact, some working relationships between flight crews can get so toxic that all-out brawls can break out. After all, working in a tiny, flying tin can could make anyone feel extra stressed, sometimes to a fault.

For two American Airlines flight attendants, a stressful situation has turned into a lawsuit.

According to the Dallas Morning News, flight attendant Kathy Ida Wolfe filed a lawsuit in federal court on Friday claiming her fellow crew member, Laura Powers, “maliciously dug her fingernails” into her arm, then “slammed the door of a beverage cart” on her arm, and finally, “grabbed [her] scarf, choking [her], and dragged [her] in the aisle and in front of the passengers.”

She seeks damages for negligence, dangerous work environment, breach of contract, and assault and battery for up to $1 million.

Wolfe’s lawsuit states that when she attempted to report the attack to her pilot and managers at American Airlines, no disciplinary action or investigation was made. She then turned to legal authorities to settle the matter.

Both American Airlines and Powers have also filed suits claiming Wolfe had no right to seek damages since she also “contributed to cause the harm,” according to the Dallas Morning News.

These countersuits imply that Wolfe could have also created some sort of environment that may have led to the fight or possibly made moves in retaliation, but the specifics are not known. As reported, passengers who saw the fight would be the most reliable, impartial witnesses to what occurred. As of this moment, few details are actually known.

American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller told the Dallas Morning News that “American strives to create a work environment in which all team members feel safe and respected,” but did not comment further.