American Airlines Passengers Can Now Give up Their Seat, Book a New Flight, and Get Paid for It in the App

American Airlines
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For travelers who live for a good deal, there's nothing better than getting paid to give up your seat on an oversold flight — especially when the newly confirmed flight is better and you don't have to physically go to the airport and check-in before getting bumped. According to a recent passenger report on The Points Guy, the American Airlines app now lets passengers volunteer for their flight's bump list, confirm a new flight, and get compensated for it — all when they go into the app to check-in for their flight.

The passenger told The Points Guy that when he went to check-in for his international flight on American, he was offered $200 to switch to one of four alternative itineraries. He picked a flight that worked for him and got a $200 electronic voucher "within a minute of being confirmed on the new flight."

With this new electronic confirmation process, travelers no longer have to go through the hassle of going to the airport and clearing security only to give up their seat at the gate and confirm a new flight (that may or may not leave the same day). Even though all three major U.S. airlines — Delta, United, and American — now have an electronic volunteer option built into their online check-in (with American debuting theirs on May 3), the actual confirmation, rebooking, and compensation process still often happens at the gate.

For passengers with travel flexibility this feature cuts out some of the hassle and gives them more time to change their plans, select a new flight, and get compensated for it.

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