Dunkin Donuts in a box
Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images

Dunkin’ Donuts, America’s beloved coffee and donut chain, has come a long way since first opening its doors in 1950. With the launch of the company’s latest announcement, an ordering service integrated in Amazon Alexa devices, Dunkin’ might just be the most technologically advanced donut shop in the country.

To order on-the-go, customers must be a member of Dunkin’s DD Perks, which handles the financial part of the transaction, and have the Dunkin’ Donuts skill installed on their Alexa device.

To order, simply say, “Alexa, order from Dunkin’ Donuts,” and follow the prompts to pick a previously visited location and saved order, how you’d like to pick up the order (in-store or drive-thru), and confirm.

Though this is Dunkin’s first attempt at letting customers order food through the device, die-hard Dunkin’ fans shouldn’t be surprised to learn this isn’t the company’s first Alexa integration. Last year, on National Coffee Day, Dunkin’ introduced the Dunkin’ Donuts Quiz, an Alexa skill that allows customers the chance to quiz their knowledge on munchkins, cold brew, and the history of coffee. Want to play yourself? Simply say, “Alexa, play Dunkin’ Donuts Quiz,” for a fun break between asking her to check you in for flights and reserving your hotel rooms.

It’s a match made in coffee heaven. Especially since America runs on Dunkin’ and Alexa might just be trying to take over the world.