By Cailey Rizzo
January 15, 2019
Denali, the Chulitna River and the Alaska Range in fall.
Credit: Daniel A. Leifheit/Getty Images

While we all know that Alaska is one of the 50 states, sometimes it feels like it’s halfway across the globe — or at least that’s what the price of airline tickets would lead you to believe.

On Tuesday, Allegiant Air announced 16 new routes, including seasonal nonstop service to Anchorage, starting at $59.

“Alaska is huge news for us,” Drew Wells, Allegiant’s vice president of planning and revenue, told USA Today. “We’re excited to launch service into any new city, but I think Alaska has a different level of excitement.”

With service expected to begin May 22, Allegiant will begin flying from Bellingham, Washington to Anchorage. The airport is only about 50 miles south of Vancouver and therefore Allegiant is expecting a 50-50 breakdown between American and Canadian passengers on flights to Alaska.

The seasonal service will operate two flights per week, with an introductory rate of $59 per one-way.

In addition, Allegiant has announced 15 other routes to budding destinations around the country. With Allegiant, travelers will soon be able to fly four new routes to Savannah, Georgia and two new routes to Norfolk, Virginia.

The announcement continues Allegiant Air’s recent trend of diversifying its network. The airline was long known for its nonstop flights to high-demand vacation destinations around the country, including Florida, California and Las Vegas. Last year, Allegiant introduced a suite of new routes with $49 one-way pricing, including fights to Nashville, Louisville and Austin.